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Clarifications sought about levels of government control.

Posted By: Gillian Cambers
Date: Sunday, 13 June 1999, at 6:26 p.m.

In Response To: Cost benefit analysis of major infrastructural developments / Papua New Guinea. (Haraka Gaudi.)

I wonder if you could clarify and expand on some aspects of your EWP:

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE DIFFERENT ARMS OF GOVERNMENT: The EWP refers to the government of PNG, but I gather you are distinguishing between the political arm of government (elected officials) and the bureaucratic arm (civil servants). Am I correct?

SUPPORT OF VARIOUS BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT: Presumably both arms of government are in favour of this EWP?

ULTIMATE DECISION MAKING POWER: In relation to the Australian National Gas Project you mention, it appears that the bureaucratic arm of government is questioning the decision of the political arm? Could you discuss this a little further e.g. who has the ultimate decision- making power ?

CULTURAL VALUE OF LAND: I was interested in your point about the importance of land to the people of the PNG. I have observed a similar concept in the Caribbean region, where land is more than a dollar figure/square metre, rather it represents identity, culture and uniqueness.

I look forward to your response.

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