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Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development Forum

Further thoughts on ethical and moral considerations.

Posted By: Mali Voi
Date: Tuesday, 13 July 1999, at 11:23 p.m.

In Response To: The ethical dimension of wise practices. (Philippe MacClenahan)

HOW DO WE BALANCE THE PROS AND CONS OF DEVELOPMENT: As regards the latest comments on my notes, I have basically been thinking, and will continue to do so, over how best checks and balances, or common-sensed based knowledge (in Gillian?s words) can be promoted. There are positive merits for development on the one hand and demerits on the other hand. How do people balance this dichotomy without some kind of leaning to controlling factors? Such factors, be they ethical, moral, legal, political or cultural, remain largely an open question. I do not know. Perhaps we should keep writing and talking!

CONTINUITY OF HUMANITY: But we do know that humanity is the only species that thinks, rationalises and reasons then devises ways for its well-being and continuity. The issue of the continuity of humanity must raise ethical and moral questions much higher than political and social control in terms of territoriality. We have just slowly been uncovering that human minds, although quite isolated from each other spatially, worked in similar settings and patterns over their security - ensuring that the biological reproduction continues supported by productivity on the basis of the land and water-based resources utilisation. Where do we go from here?

Possible cross cultural studies and research may even afford us to see better the shared values that we could begin to nurture. There are no perfect systems or perfect ways of doing things. We, however, have ways of having dialogues to discuss our continuity as human beings in the light of our activities individually and collectively at all levels.

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