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Wise practice criteria as an international instrument.

Posted By: Mali Voi
Date: Tuesday, 29 June 1999, at 12:22 a.m.

In Response To: How did traditional taboos work? (Gillian Cambers)

IN ORDER TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE YIELD OVER SHORT TERM GREED, WE NEED TO INVOLVE ALL PARTIES: The declaration of taboo areas, a combination of traditional belief and scientifically proven fact, could be vocalised, as you suggested, as a wp. Indeed International Conferences usually do this to influence the value of things (investors are like all of us human beings, they are capable being influenced when they see common sense in the preservation of humanity). So why not invite mixed groupings to this discussion about wp. UNESCO is also in a good position to have schools teach values (value education).

TIME SCALES FOR TABOO DECLARATIONS: This was usually about 8 -10 months, but it depended on the type of natural resource and they also took into account the climatic conditions. For example, the recovery of coconut supply was about 8 months within which time period the amount of young coconuts consumed was reduced to say one young coconut/person per week. Thus the supply of coconuts increased for planting more coconuts. In the case of clam shells, the method of harvesting was such that eggs were spread back onto the reef system allowing more shells to grow, and the period of restricted harvest was longer. Again these practices were based on long term observations that they had known because they had little landmass and also in some cases poor land (atoll). In order to survive they worked with nature.

INTERNATIONAL INSTRUMENTS: The criteria for wp could be used as a basic Instrument to try and assess industrial standards of wp. For example if a logging company is harvesting, they could use wp criteria as a basic requirement to conduct their business and they could apply to be registered. Once registered they could use the seal of the wp to market their products. Most private companies try to use internationally recognised associations to market their products. An Association of International Wise Practices or Congress if you like, could be an ethical conduct instrument to ensure that wp are used to 'humanise' all developments. You could apply it to renewable and non-renewable resources.

I am not too sure if I have confused you further.

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