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Local stakeholders' concerns versus business priorities.

Posted By: Philippe MacClenahan
Date: Wednesday, 28 July 1999, at 3:31 p.m.

In Response To: Public-private partnerships for marine pollution management / Batangas Bay-Philippines. (Chua Thia-Eng)

Your presentation of the public/private partnership to solve waste management in Batangas Bay prompts several questions.

From the description of the project the approach seems of a top-bottom type with consultation and involvement of local stakeholders. You indicated that the collaboration of the private and public sector is ensured by a favourable policy and regulatory environment that was created specifically for the project. What sort of timeframe was necessary for this environment to develop? In this legal framework what are the respective responsibilities and accountability of the different stakeholders? Consultation of local stakeholders does not guarantee that their opinion will be taken into account. There is always a risk that projects' objectives supported by (driven by?) financial incentives from outside (for example large international waste management companies) may be too dependent upon international market and willingly or not may over-ride local will and needs. What is therefore the level of involvement and empowerment of local stakeholders in terms of business priorities?

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