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Wise Coastal Practices for Sustainable Human Development Forum

Wise practice design, evaluation and transferability.

Posted By: Gillian Cambers
Date: Thursday, 12 August 1999, at 3:14 a.m.

In Response To: Effective communication: strengthening environmental journalism / Kenya. (Wambui Kiai)

There were several points in your example wise practice that merited further discussion.

INCOMPLETE PARTICIPATORY PROCESS: I noticed that in your discussion you mentioned the participatory process was incomplete due to time and financial constraints. I wondered whether this constraint was known about at the beginning of the project and it was just a case of doing the best job possible with the funds/time available (as is so often the case with projects)? Or whether this constraint was only perceived during project implementation, in which case it would have been a design flaw.

WISE PRACTICE EVALUATION: I also wondered if you planned to conduct any project/wise practice evaluation such as 'before and after' surveys to determine whether journalists' knowledge of environmental issues had improved. It seems that so often we only start to think about evaluation once the project is being implemented by which time we have lost the opportunity for pre-project surveys to determine the 'before situation.'

PUTTING THE BOOK ON THE WEB: One further point - I wondered if you had considered putting the resource book, or part of it, on the WEB. This is one way to widen the audience at fairly low cost and would also reach people in other regions. I know that I for one would be very interested to see this resource book since for many years we have been talking about targeting special interest groups in the Caribbean, such as the media. Another group that needs special attention in our region is the magistrates and judges.

I look forward to seeing your resource book.

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